Cavity Wall Insulation Claims

If you have ever had cavity wall insulation and noticed damp or other problems, your property may not have been suitable for insulation. This may also be a sign that the insulation installation was defective.

If you have been having problems, following the installation of cavity wall insulation, such as:

  • Mould or damp appearing on internal walls,
  • Respiratory problems as a result of damp in the property
  • Damage to the woodwork, brickwork or contents in the property, as a result of damp, or even:
  • A decrease in the value of your property

This may be a sign that the work to install the insulation was defective. If you believe your property has been affected by defective installation of installation, or that your property wasn’t suitable for insulation In the first place, call one of our experienced Solicitors to discuss taking legal action against the installer or cavity Insurance Guarantee Agency.

We can, following a successful claim, arrange for you to receive compensation for the damage done to your property, in addition to covering the cost of having the defective insulation removed or replaced if necessary.

To find out if you qualify for legal assistance in this matter, call one of our experienced Solicitors on 01204 563 533 or email on