Travel Law & Holiday claims

Goldman Knightley Solicitors have a high success rate in the recovery of compensation for those that have suffered accident or illness whilst abroad on holiday. Our specialist team can assist you with what can often be a complex area of law to help you recover the compensation that you deserve.

Examples of the types of claims that our holiday claims department can deal with are: –

  • Accident or illness suffered whilst on a Cruise ship
  • Accidents suffered whilst on an aeroplane
  • Accidents suffered whilst on holiday
  • Gastric Illness suffered whilst on holiday
  • Bed bug claims
  • Ear infection claims
  • Falls due to defective or badly maintained areas within a hotel
  • Accidents in swimming pools due to broken glass, defective tiles or slides

These claims are often trivialised by the media, but we have acted for a number of clients for whom their illness suffered on holiday has been no laughing matter and has actually caused them lifelong medical problems.  Even if you have suffered gastric illness for a few days whilst on holiday which you believe was caused by poor food and hygiene standards within a hotel then we may be able to assist you in recovering compensation. 

We acted for Mr M who recovered over £20,000 after suffering gastric illness whilst on an all-inclusive holiday which was caused due to poor food and hygiene standards

Free initial consultation on all holiday claims

If you’re unsure whether you have a claim or not, we offer a completely free initial assessment - we’ll review your situation and give you honest, plain English advice on your chances of winning compensation. Get your free assessment today with no obligation to claim, if you’re just after an expert opinion – that’s fine by us. Call 01204 563533 now or complete this form and we’ll call you back as soon as possible.