Mis-Sold Investments and Payment Protection Insurance(PPI)

Goldman Knightley Solicitors have a specialist department dealing purely with Investment mis-selling and PPI. We handle compensation claims for hundreds of people and we have extensive experience in this area. We pride ourselves in always obtaining the highest level of compensation for our clients. Maximizing the compensation our clients receive is always at the forefront of what we do.The Department has over 30+ years’ experience as ex financial advisors.Why choose Goldman Knightley Solicitors

Why choose Goldman Knightley Solicitors

  • You can have confidence in the Company you choose to handle your claim
  • We offer a hassle-free process with no lengthy paperwork to complete
  • No up-front fees
  • No win -no fee
  • You will have your own dedicated claim expert
  • Most claims settle within 8 weeks

Customer Care

We act in your best interests by breaking down the jargon and helping you understand exactly what the claims process is about and how you were mis-sold an investment or PPI.

Our Ethos

To help ordinary people like yourself to take on the big institutions such as the big banks.

To help you claim what you are legally entitled to, recompense you for poor investment advice, pressure selling, and simply not taking time to understand your personal circumstances at the time of your investment or PPI.

How to Claim

The claim process is simple and hassle free with Goldman Knightley Solicitors handling your claim from start to finish.

Simply call our dedicated number of 0333 577 4699 and have a friendly conversation regarding your personal circumstances. We will ask you some questions about your circumstances at the time you were advised to invest your money or take out PPI and advise you if you will qualify for a claim.

We will then send you a claim form to sign

Your dedicated expert will prepare and submit a detailed report to your bank along with our claim for compensation on your behalf

We will endeavour to keep you informed all the way through the process, ensuring that you understand what we are doing on your behalf.